Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

Another Easter down the hatch. Despite being up late the night before doing bunny-type activities, I woke up early that morning and was the first one downstairs. By, like, a mile.
Kind of blurry, but I love Liam's expression here as he came flying down the hall and saw what the Easter Bunny had left for Mallory and him.Both kids got one larger chocolate item, some small toys in their buckets (books, markers, some outdoor things, hair clips for her and a paddle ball for him) and then some eggs hidden around the room for each of them to find. They also each got a pair of sunglasses and the sequence of photos with Mallory in hers cracks me up. She looks so celebrity in them. Later on, she has them pushed up into her hair and looks like she could be 16.So many shots that I just adore of each of the kids. We had some beautiful light coming into the kitchen that early in the morning. That's the biggest difference between Easter photos and Christmas photos - at Christmas, they all get taken when it's still dark outside!
It wasn't long before we headed out the door and went to London to spend the day with Darin, Jenn and Ethan and Gramma and Grampa.There was an egg hunt there, too. If they awarded Olympic medals in egg hunting then I think our kids would be well on their way to the podium.
It was cousin Ethan's first Easter, and I don't think he liked it too much. In fact, he was pretty grumpy all day. Just look at that scowl on his face.
Full set of photos up on Flickr.


Jennifer said...

cute pics! LOVE Mal in her glasses. It was a great day...thanks for making the trip up :)