Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanks a lot, L-man.

So it was great that I dragged Liam into the doctor's office last week and waited around a couple hours and missed a morning of work... only to be looked at like I was nutty for being there and told that he didn't have pinkeye...

...But then explain to me why I woke up yesterday with eyes scratchy enough to make me choose to wear my glasses rather than my contacts, and why, by the end of the day, I was a festering, pus-dripping, bloodshot mess?

I Googled it, and sure enough... pinkeye has a 3-day incubation period. Hmmm. Liam's bout was on Thursday... Friday is 1, Saturday is 2, Sunday is 3... and I woke up with it Monday morning. Sounds like the diagnosis fits.

I can't remember if I have ever had pinkeye before, and it is not painful per se, but it is annoying as heck. I can't believe how much stuff is coming out of my eye and my vision is totally blurred because of it. Thank goodness Liam's trouble cleared up so quickly, because I'd hate for him to go through this!

By dinnertime, I was miserable. So I did what any reasonable person would do. I went to the pharmacy, filled the just-in-case prescription that the doctor gave me for Liam, and went home and administered the medication to myself.

(I didn't tell the pharmacist that that was my plan, but when he saw me in my condition, he said I could use the same drops as Liam as long as we didn't actually touch the tip of the dropper to either of our eyes. So I feel validated in using the drops on myself.)

Today, I am even worse than yesterday, if that's possible. My eye is swollen half-shut and I think it might be spreading to the other eye. I truly look a sight.

Of course, pinkeye is contagious as all get out... so despite the hand-washing and pillowcase-laundering that's underway, it's likely to hit someone else in our house this week. Heaven help us.

(Photo taken after yesterday's tour of the animal hospital. The kids came home with surgical masks, hair nets, and bandages for their stuffed animals. Liam has Jaguar's tail all doctored up.)

Edited to add a scan of this super-cute drawing Liam did to document his trip to the vet's.


Dawn said...

I am sure you are well aware but chuck the contact pair you wore on Sunday.......hope you get well soon. I had it once, boys have had it a few times.....not fun.

Carrie said...

No kidding. I also JUST cracked a new tube of mascara. I'm going to use this opportunity to clear out the makeup bag, too.