Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Frog season

The rest of our weekend consisted mostly of trips back and forth between the house and the creek. It's frog season. Between two trips, we counted 23 frogs, and stopped after that. Liam had his net out in full force and has become quite a good little frog hunter.
The big change this year is that Mallory is in on the action. As soon as she sees Liam with the big net, she goes running for the little one. On Saturday afternoon she was supposed to go down for a nap while Chad and Liam ran out to the store, and when they were back and she was up, we were all going to go frog hunting. She cried and cried. She didn't trust us that we wouldn't go without her. She wanted to go frog hunting right then and there.We have it down to a science now. Liam spots the frogs and catches them. He sets them free on the grass a little ways up the creek bank. Mallory finds a stick to carry with her as we trawl up and down the creek, and to quote her: "Liam can find the frogs and catch them and then I'm going to use this stick to give them a big pokerooskie in the bum!" She gives the frogs a gentle poke or two and we watch them hop back into the water.Can you spot a frog in each one of these photos? If not, your frog hunting skills just aren't up to snuff.


Dawn said...

holy freaking crow???? What the heck do you feed your frogs in Canada???? Maybe the frogs we find in NJ perhaps??? We only get little mini ones! I would not go near those with a ten foot pole, you have some brave little ones! In that bottom one it looks like that frog could jump right up and land on Mallory's head!!!!!!! BLECH!!!!!!!!!!

The Robiltons said...


Carrie said...

Dawn - you're right, we've never seen frogs this big back here before either, or at least, not so many of them. Maybe our creek is radioactive? :)

Steph - brace yourself. Liam wants nothing more than to take Henry frog hunting this weekend.