Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Greetings from Coconut Point

I'm currently in Florida for a conference, a conference that actually sounds interesting and relevant to what I do. So I'm excited about that.

What I'm not excited about is a super long travel day that started with a 5:30 a.m. wakeup and the fact that I only got back to my hotel room 1/2 hour ago - in other words, no time to myself today.

The absolute worst part is leaving the kids behind to hopefully-not-miss-me, and leaving Chad behind with an absolute ton of work as he juggles the office with two dropoffs/two pickups/bedtime on his own/lunchmaking and bag packing/etc. No fun for him, either.

I called home tonight and luckily, there were no tears. Mallory kept insisting that she was going to hang up the phone that she was talking to me on so she could talk to me on her toy phone, and I had to keep explaining to her that her toy phone would not allow us to actually speak.

She asked me if I was going to come home tonight, and when I said no, she said, "But mom! You HAVE to!" But then she seemed OK with saying goodbye until I give her another call tomorrow night.

I missed Lost tonight. :( We didn't get back from dinner until about 9:45. I'm going to stay off any and all entertainment-related sites, and catch it online on Hulu tomorrow (I hope).

On the bright side, I picked up American Wife at the airport bookstore today on Jenna's advice, and my goodness, is it ever good so far.

Off to bed now - hoping to get up early tomorrow to give myself some time to think before the group reconvenes. I'll leave you with a few photos from a family get-together on the weekend... Amy is heading back to Afghanistan for the 4th time. We keep telling her it's a war zone, not an amusement park, but she doesn't listen to us.Family photo time. Yes, the wide angle lens gives those of us in the front row a head that's twice as big as the guys in the back row, but what else can you do when you need to get everyone in the shot?Amy and Adam came bearing a birthday gift for the kids - the Playmobil Roman Colosseum. This thing is almost 3 feet around. It's huge and has many teeny tiny pieces. Thaaaaaanks, guys!!
I had a hard time explaining to the kids exactly what the Colosseum is (and why there are lions and tigers involved - do I really want to tell them they are there to eat the Christians??) I thought about showing them the movie Gladiator to prove my point, but considering that I can't make it through that movie without covering my eyes for parts of it... I thought better of it.


megan said...

Cory and I were at a toy store and saw that set. We both thought it was a weird theme for a kid's item. Maybe next Playmobile will come up with a tiny concentration camp from WWII.
Maybe tell them it is kinda like a circus. Until Evelyn comes over and explains exactly what it is (I'll warn her now not to).

Carrie said...

I suppose it fits the 'historical' theme and goes along with the pyramids, legions of Roman armies, knights/castles... but still... it's kind of gruesome! There is even a trap door that you can have your unsuspecting Gladiator stand on top of before pulling the floor out from beneath him and dropping him into the lion's cage! The kids love it so far though.