Friday, May 28, 2010

Yours til Niagara Falls

The long weekend was not particularly good around here, weather-wise, but that didn't matter much to us because we spent the weekend mostly indoors at Great Wolf Lodge.My parents' 40th wedding anniversary is just a couple of weeks away, and in lieu of a party or gifts they requested and treated us to a family weekend getaway. I did bring the P&S to use inside the water park, but didn't bring the charger, and sure enough - when we got to the hotel I discovered a dead battery (despite the fact that I'd checked it at home and it had been fine). Ah well. I have shots like that from just a few months ago - no big loss.We headed off-property on the Saturday night for dinner and a glimpse of the falls (seen here from the base of Clifton Hill - we didn't head further down the Parkway where the views are better because by then, the kids had pretty much had enough). I'd toyed with the idea of taking a ride on Maid of the Mist but in reality I think Mallory would still be scared by it at this point. We could not coax her onto a water slide, so the idea of sailing up almost under the falls with her didn't seem too enjoyable.(Here are the kids checking out an Elvis 'living statue' on Clifton Hill.)

The only downside of the trip? I didn't go out to get my annuals til we were home on Monday, and by then there were no red geraniums to be had. I caved after three nurseries, bought some white geraniums and blue lobelia, and called it a day.