Friday, May 07, 2010


The number '5' I ordered from Etsy is taking its sweet time arriving, thus postponing the birthday photos. In the meantime, I took Liam down to a local street corner to get a few shots. (I took his friend there a few days before with great results.) Liam was not as cooperative but I still got a few keepers. This one may go up on the dining room wall.

My workplace Internet policy has changed and has blocked access to blogs and personal sites. I can still shop online, watch prior episodes of TV shows, and read just not my blog. This means a bit of restructuring of the day is in order. So much for my morning blog break.

This week, Mallory dropped her nap. The first day, it was her own idea, but I had been meaning to talk to Cindy about it for some time... finally realizing that the fact that she spends 90 minutes each night getting in and out of bed might mean that she is more-than-well-rested. The first day was great. The second day, she came home and said tearfully, "Cindy says my mom won't let me have a nap any more!" She is sleeping on the couch right now at 6:30 p.m., wiped out from the week. Liam is sleeping on the other couch. I am on a laptop in the corner, enjoying the view.There are several Mother's Day goodies tucked away in the house. Some, I have already been given. Liam was given a "My Mom is the best Mom because _____________" worksheet at school, and he filled it in with, "She makes the best cookies." Warms my heart. The others, the kids tried very hard to hide from me tonight even as I picked them up and helped load them into the car. They want me to wait until Sunday morning.

There is supposed to be a wicked fire-and-brimstone storm tonight. Well, make that hail-and-high-winds. It worries me some because our next door neighbour's house is being roofed and there are all sorts of ladders and contraptions up there, just waiting to blow down on us. We'll see what happens.

We had nachos for dinner on Cinco de Mayo, but they were veggie nachos made with baked chips, so that was OK to serve to the kids, right?? (Validation, please?) Right now, the kids are sleeping through Friday night pizza night. I guess that means leftovers for breakfast.

I will be out of town for four days next week, and I will miss the family like crazy. And also get a lot of sleep.