Monday, May 03, 2010

Perfect end to April

On Friday, we decided to run across the border for a quick shopping trip. And since the weather forecast looked good, and so that the kids would put up with the hour-long-each-way car trip, we decided to tack on something fun for them. We wound up at the Detroit Zoo. (LOVE this underground seal exhibit!)Every time I go to the Detroit Zoo, I can't get over how nice it is. The grounds are beautiful, especially at this time of year - daffodils and lilacs everywhere. There is a large central promenade at this zoo that is lined with beautiful old trees and flower gardens and a major fountain. The animal exhibits line the sides. This is a far cry from the Toronto Zoo, which I loved as a kid but now just seems like a barren concrete wasteland with miles of walking between exhibits, completely devoid of animals or anything interesting to look at.The Detroit Zoo was nearly shut down about five years ago when the city cut it from its budget, but there was a huge public outcry that led to the creation of a heavily-supported zoo tax to raise funds for operating costs. Thank you, Detroit residents. I'm so glad you kept the zoo open!After several hours spent soaking up the 80-degree sunshine and picnicking on zoo grounds, we zipped the 4 miles over to Oakland Mall so I could make a pit stop. Our everyday dishes needed replacing and we decided to bite the bullet and invest in some Fiesta. Macy's had a BOGO promotion and the kind man who put the dishes on hold for me when I called Wednesday night also offered me the use of his Friends and Family card to get me another 25% off. So it was a major score.I picked up two place settings each of Scarlet, Tangerine, Shamrock, Turquoise and Sunflower. Narrowing it down was so hard, but I love the effect in our open plate rack. We still have two slots left so maybe next time BOGO is on we will get one more colour. And some platters. And a jug. Man, this Fiesta stuff is addicting!Since Fiesta has been around since the 1930s, and I have an affinity for all things retro, I am not worried about getting sick of it anytime soon. And in case you were wondering, they stopped putting radioactive uranium in the red glaze many years ago. Actually, the US government confiscated it from the manufacturer during WWII so they could develop the atom bomb. The red plates we have won't set off your Geiger counter anytime soon.


Dawn said...

very purdy! We like the multi color effect with dinnerware too, only ours are melamine from Kohl's! LOL!

megan said...

Very pretty! I also go with the multi-colour dinnerware, mine's Denby!