Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Henry turns 4

Last weekend, no sooner had I come home from my trip than we jumped in the car and headed to Toronto for Henry's birthday party. Our GPS broke on the way there - yes, the one I got for Chad for Christmas just 5 months ago. Luckily, we knew the whereabouts of the party and generally knew how to get there (though I think we could have found a faster way if we'd known better).
There was face-painting at this party, and although Mallory swore when she walked in the door that she didn't want her face painted, I reminded her that they could make her look like a puppy. She is still very much into playing 'puppy' nearly every day. She calls herself a dog named Chocolate (which goes very well with her doll she named Marshmallow, I might add). Well, when she heard she could be a dog, she was all over it. Still a little trepidatious of the girl doing the face-painting, but pleased with the results. Now she says that at Thomas' birthday party she will get her face painted like a cat and leave the paint on for Captain to see her.The party was at Kid Club, another run-around-and-play-with-their-toys kind of party place. This one included a big bouncy castle which was of course a major draw.
Henry's party was pirate-themed, and you know how much we like that at our house!Here's the puppy in action.Bouncy castle shots. I've never had these turn out very well before, but since this castle was set up in front of a wall of windows, it turned out well here.Full photo set is up on Flickr.