Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The beginning of the end

We've just come home from playgroup, one of what will likely be our last few visits to it. Up until a couple of weeks ago, this thought really saddened me. We have had a blast at playgroup, met lots of friends - all in all, it's been a great experience. In just one more example of how second and subsequent children get screwed, you can't take child number one to Baby Play'n'Learn once they're past twelve months; so unless you spring for a regular babysitter who will keep them home while you go with child number two, which I can't see us doing, your time is up. You can't go home again.

Lately though, I haven't been as keen on playgroup, and though I thought I could chalk it up to the fact that several of the original group that was there when we joined have gone back to work, there's more to it than that. Today, for the first time since we have been there, they had to hang out the flag at playgroup. This means that the building was full and they were turning people away. Considering that the first week we went there was only me and two other moms... this was surprising to see. Today, we hit the limit, which is 45.

So how did the numbers grow so much, especially when a lot of people are transitioning back to work right now? Here's my unfriendly, non-PC but true answer for you. There are an awful lot of young moms who have started coming for the last few weeks. When I say young moms, I don't mean moms in their twenties; I mean moms in their teens. There is also an influx of CIS caseworkers who are there supervising said moms. In other words, there are moms dragging their kids (not to mention themselves) to playgroup who really don't want to be there. To make matters worse, these young moms are bringing their friends along. One girl had her baby with her, plus three girlfriends to keep her company and shoot dagger eyes at the caseworker. So to allow (force) one kid to attend playgroup, it required a party of six (caseworker included) and ate up the spots that could have been allocated to three other moms and babies.

Add this to the fact that the program is starting to repeat for us, and I don't know how much longer we'll keep attending. I still want to attend the upcoming massage class, but aside from that, we may soon bow out. It's not the same fun place it used to be. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm starting to think this way; that I'm maybe wanting to leave now, rather than being forced out the door kicking and screaming. We'll see what next week brings.

(Liam's new favourite activity is to stand at the top of the stairs, hanging onto the railing, and keep an eye on Captain, who is usually sitting about five steps down (the slight white blur that is barely visible here).

Also, he's getting lots of wear out of the new sweater, no? :)


jenn said...

Glad to hear it! About the sweater, not the play group. That part sucks. I can't believe how much Liam is standing now. I know he just started crawling but I have a feeling he'll be walking in no time!

megan said...

Hey Carrie, Don't feel bad about your elitist attitude (kidding everyone) we all know that I can barely look at a newborn being fed formula without running to Children's Aid. I guess the theory of early years is that those 14 year old mothers are supposed to be learning from you the more experienced one. I too am not sure that using the place as supervised visitation is the way to go. Perhaps a suggestion in the box might be in order.

Maybe it is time to switch to the regular play group. Evelyn and Audrey loved it and we may even go back this summer. The kids are a little older and they open the gym and let them go nuts on all the ride on toys.