Monday, February 13, 2006

Off to the races

Normally on the 13th of the month, I would be posting my monthly update on/letter to my little mister. I started working on today's edition last night, which included a paragraph about how he's not crawling yet and how I think he's going to bypass the crawling phase altogether, because he's clearly capable of crawling and just chooses not to.

I guess Liam wasn't thrilled with this, and decided to take matters into his own hands. As of today, ladies and gentlemen, he's a crawler, and life will never be the same. This morning he took five or six successive 'steps' (if that's what they're called) without flopping onto his belly (which is normally what puts an end to his crawling attempts). I'd never seen him go so far before collapsing. By this afternoon he's acting like crawling is something he's done his whole life. Chad, if you're reading this, after lunch he crawled the whole way from his diaper basket over to his bookshelf. In other words, from one side of his room to the other. As soon as he got to the bookshelf, he proceeded to try to destroy all the books that have so far been out of his reach. I think we will spend tonight installing plug covers and cupboard latches, and hiding anything and everything of value; the time has come.

And now... on to reworking that monthly update.


megan said...

Way to go Liam! I knew you could do it. While you're at it you had better install some baby gates because it will only take a few more days before he is climbing up them or falling down.

Dana & Bruce said...

We can hardly wait to see this newest feat.

Mandy said...

Everyone says it, but of course I must repeat afraid. Be very afraid. :)

It's so much fun to watch them crawl. For the longest time we said the same thing "we know she knows how, she just chooses not to" and then one day it all changed. She's everywhere now, and in a flash. She crawls faster than her dad can, and he's had some recent practice given the times he got down on all fours to "show her how it is done."