Saturday, February 25, 2006

Redheads of the world unite and take over

On Friday we had a playdate with Ryan, another friend from playgroup. He's the little redhead who was in the newspaper along with Liam. I missed the conversation at playgroup last week, but Deanna (Ryan's mom) was telling me that one of the other moms whose kid's photo was also taken, but who did not appear in the paper, told Deanna that the only reason Ryan and Liam made it into the paper and her son didn't is because how could you not publish a picture of two redheads together, and basically the other kids didn't even have a chance with a photo op like that to compete against. I admit that ever since marrying Chad, I always hoped to have a redheaded child someday... but world domination is a side effect/perk that I honestly hadn't anticipated.