Monday, February 27, 2006

More scrapbooking geekiness

Late last week, Megan told me that she's recently been on a scrapbooking roll, and within hours of hearing her say that, I was able to finish off a page that has been stumping me for the last couple of months. Maybe this means that I would fare better if scrapbooking were a competitive event. To be fair though, this page was the first paper page I've done in quite a while, and I think that made the difference: deep down, I am a paste-eater at heart. I was on such a high from this accomplishment (and Liam was helping me out by taking a super-long nap) that I went back to the book I made for Liam's first six months, which had previously been dotted with yellow Post-Its detailing ideas to go back and finish (i.e. something to fill in the corner on this page, and some white Sarah Script stickers to finish the title on another), and I was able to finish off the majority of those loose ends. Even without shopping for a bunch of new supplies. This is a major accomplishment for me as my life's motto seems to be Finish Something 95% Of The Way And Then Go On To Something Else.I am now coming to the end of the scrapbook for Liam's second six months, something that has me a wee bit relieved (I don't need the pressure of this on top of everything else) but also saddened, as a lot of the 'firsts' have already been covered, and I won't have nearly as many photos of him to scrapbook once he's in daycare full time. I do plan to continue with a scrapbook for him, but it will likely be scaled back quite a bit compared to his first year. I know too many people who went all-out with baby #1 and whose last kids just have a shoebox with a few snapshots to document their babyhoods; I hope to avoid this and actually do the same for any future siblings of Liam's as I did for him. (Though I'm sure that everyone else thought that they would, too.) In the future I see myself making more use of photo albums; though at the rate we're going through photo albums now, we will soon need a library just to house them all, so I may need to ease up on that at some point in the future, too.
This morning I got up at six a.m. and did a trial run of a soon-to-be normal morning with Liam. I went for a run, came home, showered, got him up, nursed him, got him changed and ready for the day and we both had breakfast, finished my hair (kind of - it's a lil' bit messy) and makeup and clocked us in at about 7:55. Tomorrow I think I'll try getting up 15 minutes earlier. I'd like to have him on Cindy's doorstep at 8 a.m. sharp and the extra time will probably just get us there. He goes to Cindy's tomorrow for a two-hour stretch, so it will be a good chance to practise. I have also spent this morning composing a list of things I now have to do before going to bed in order to ensure a smooth morning: setting out clothes for both of us, making sure there is enough OJ made up in the fridge, packing a snack for myself, ensuring his diaper bag is stocked with diapers and a change of clothes and a clean sippy cup - that sort of thing. I'm now thinking that if I have all these things to do each night, in addition to getting myself to bed at an ever-earlier time (my most recent calculation is 9:30 p.m. if I'm actually going to be able to get up in the morning), then cutting back on the scrapbooking will automatically be done for me, because I won't have a shred of free time left.


megan said...

I did a book for both girls. Being a 2nd child myself with no pictures until I am about 3 I think I did an even better job on Audrey's. That last picture of Liam is all you Carrie

Carrie said...

Awwww. A Mini-Me to call my own!! :)