Saturday, February 11, 2006

The proof is in the shoppin'

All photos courtesy of Megan: 1st stop at the scrapbook store. The only place I deign to shop that has a wallpaper border!Megan lent us an old stroller of hers - a lightweight little Peg Perego that's more manoeuvreable around a mall than our running stroller. Despite having a beautiful stroller that I love and that looks comfy as can be, Liam has decided that the old loaner is just the tops. Man, he loved it.Lunch. Man, do I look like a big ol' goofball when I get my picture taken. It's no wonder I'd rather be the one doing the taking.Liam enjoying lunch. And I'm sure the restaurant enjoyed vacuuming up a million Cheerios and bits of bread after we left.You know it's been a successful shopping trip when your baby passes out at Old Navy.