Monday, October 06, 2008

Best dressed

This morning Liam woke up in a wet bed, which makes it three times that's happened in the past week. And the crazy thing is, he never wet the bed once during the first six weeks he went diaperless at night. Now, three times in seven days. I am beyond being sick of stripping his bed and doing a load of laundry in the morning in the midst of the get-out-of-the-house rush, and now that we've put his duvet back on the bed for winter... ugh... NOT good. (He managed to avoid it this time, thank goodness, but that's just a lucky break. If he gets it wet, that's $30 and a trip to the dry cleaner's to fix it.)

So... what are your tried and true 'stop wetting the bed' remedies? I've heard suggestions that we wake him up and take him to the bathroom before we go to bed, i.e. after he's already been sleeping for a couple hours. But that just seems so, well, mean. I would be ticked if someone did that to me, and I have enough experience with waking Liam up before he's ready to be woken to know that he will not be happy about it. Any other ideas??

(Here's Liam in my new favourite shirt of his, and Mallory wearing a coat that is just too stinkin' cute. Gramma and Grampa Cook actually got the coat for Liam a few years ago, and he did wear it a bit, though Chad always complained that it was too girly for him. Good thing Mal came along - it's perfect for her, and she loves it!)


Dawn said...

awww, poor Liam! Knock on wood we didn't have bed wetting issues with either boy, Noah just took longer to night train. He slept like a log though and we would put him to bed minus underwear and then when we went to bed we would put a diaper on him. he wouldn't even wake up, seemed less invasive than if we woke him to go to the bathroom. He would wake up pissed at the world that we put a BABY diaper on him, but it saved the bed! Once he had the diaper dry for a few nights we would try without it and LUCKILY he was fine.

Gavin night trained WAY before he day trained. I think it's cause he's such a LIGHT sleeper. He will wake up and say his belly hurts and that is his signal that he has to pee....but it's once in a blue moon that he wakes at night to pee.

We make sure they both pee right before bed and that seems to help!

Good luck! No real advice, but I am sure he's just adjusting.

Anonymous said...

Guess it is a little girlish. Looks adorable on Mallory.

Kelly said...

Sydney still has some wet nights, so no real advise on my end. However, her wets are usually in the morning when she is still dead asleep & not waking or due to the last series being close to starting school think it is related to stress.

Could Liam be stressed about anything?

megan said...

Totally take him to the bathroom before you go to sleep. He will likely just do his business without actually waking up fully. He likely just has an imature bladder and is not able to hold 8-10 hours of pee. It's worth a try and will be better for his self esteem.