Friday, October 03, 2008

An elephant never forgets

It's freezing. Right here, right now, at my desk at work - f-r-i-g-i-d. It takes several days to heat the whole building up and several days to cool it off again, so in the fall it's uncomfortably cold - they don't want to heat it up until we're into sustained cold - and in the spring, you spend a few days sweltering when it heats up outside but they have yet to turn off the furnace.

Anyway - I digress.

This week we have dug out the socks and the long pants and the closed-toe shoes and even the heavyweight fall coats (*so* must get a shot of Mal in hers!) I gave in and turned on the furnace at home last night. (Hey, we need to know that it works, right?) It was cold - 30s overnight and 40s for the high. So it totally cracked me up that I asked Chad to barbecue something for dinner last night and Liam point-blank told him he couldn't do it until he went upstairs to put on some shorts. I guess he's used to Chad's summer routine of come home from work/strip down/go outside to grill - he doesn't get that the grilling can exist independently of the wardrobe.

Chad explained that it was too cold to wear shorts to barbecue, and in fact he put on a coat to go out to do it, but I don't think the point was really driven home. Because after dinner Liam announced that he was going to play in the playroom, and Chad said he was going with him, only Liam told him again to go upstairs and put on some shorts first.

(The first shot is a 'forgotten' shot from the summer - one I took and loved and never got around to posting. I'd like to hang a poster-sized shot of each of the kids in the playroom, and this one would totally do it for me for Mallory, except that you can't see her face. The second shot is one that Aunty Jenn took for me last weekend. I only wish I could get one of her cracking a big smile with me!)


Mandy said...

Those are great photos!

We've started pulling those long pants out too. In fact, our mornings and nights are cold/chilly and then it heats up a bit in the afternoon.

That's funny about Liam - Emily is trying to reconcile the concept of layering.

jenn said...

We can snap some more pics on Thanksgiving! (I was just noticing that I don't have any really great ones of Darin and I since our wedding, aside from the one you took at our house and he doesn't even look happy! ...maybe we can trade?!?)