Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wishing that had been the end of the story

Yesterday's drama did not end with the bed-wetting. Noooooooo. It ended when I pulled up to Cindy's to pick up the kids, and Liam was wearing his jogging pants - aka The Spare Set of Clothes I Pack for When He Soils Himself.

Yep - he had an accident.

Which may not have been so bad on its own, except that he had also wet the bed. For the third time in a week.

And you know what else? - he had an accident at Cindy's house on Friday, too.

Hmmmm. Methinks something is going on.

I was already thinking this through, and then Kelly pointed it out yesterday, too, asking about the stress thing. And while my kids seem to have settled into the new house unscathed, it has definitely meant some upheaval for us all - the packing, the unpacking, the unpacking that is yet to be done, the door that is still revolving with tradespeople (kitchen was finally finished yesterday, carpenter is due back Thursday, painter is due back at an unknown time.)

Liam has taken to walking around the house lately saying, "This is a really nice house." It's cute and it's funny, because when pressed for what he likes about the house, he says things like, "My bedroom," which is hardly any different than his old bedroom, and "Captain," who as we all know is just as much of a pain in the ass in the new place as he was in the old. Still, it illustrates that he has been listening to everybody else and that he knows things have changed, big time. So maybe this is how it's being manifested.

It also doesn't help matters any that a new kid started at Cindy's a few days ago, a little guy not even a year old yet, and from what I hear he's been pretty miserable there. So if Liam has been late in getting to the toilet a few times at Cindy's I think that is understandable, too.

As aggravating as it is, I don't want to make an issue of it - just give him lots of positive encouragement that I think he is super capable of staying dry. Which is what I did last night as I tucked him into bed, and this morning he woke up happy, warm, and not drenched in pee. We'll see how it goes.


Mandy said...

I hope he's out of this phase quickly. It can be hard stuff, a lot of work and a struggle not to apply pressure - but I really think you're handling it so well.

What you said about the adjustments really makes sense. WHich of course has me a bit nervous with a move coming up next month.



And seriously, your kids are adorable. I'm sure I don't tell you that nearly as often as I think it.