Friday, October 24, 2008

Forgetting what season it is, almost

Like I said, I placed a few holiday-related orders earlier this week, and last night I got a huge shipment in the mail from Grand River Toys. It was a ton of fun tearing into it after the kids went to bed, even if some of the stuff was a friend's order. It got me all festive and happy, and I even dragged out the wrapping paper bin and wrapped most of it up last night, thinking there is no time like the present.

Last weekend Chad helped me drag the kids out to get a shot for the Christmas card, and even though Liam complained of being cold the entire time, and the Smarties I used to try to bribe them into cooperating only meant that Mallory does indeed look like she is eating in almost every last shot, I did manage to get one cute picture. So I saved it to my external hard drive, and put together a prototype card from an idea I had in my head, and now I just have to upload it for printing before something goes wrong with the XHD and I lose it all (I was lucky to get the shot in the first place and I'd like to avoid putting the fam through that again!)

Also this week I've been making plans for a fun little Christmas-related something for the kids, but that's all I'll say about that until there is more of a story to tell.

This weekend, though, I am going to switch back from the future to the present, and enjoy this gorgeous view before the leaves drop and it's gone.


megan said...

Hey, Is it that time again? Could the MacBarr's impose yet again this year for a snap of the family? Maybe it's time we start paying you...

Carrie said...

It is that time... let me know if you want to do it... weekends are filling up fast!