Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sad clown

This week is shaping up as one of those weeks when you wish you had about three more hours in the day. Work is nuts, home is nuts, and everything is nuts in between. My cell phone has been dead since Monday and I haven't had the time, energy, or capacity to remember to recharge it for four days - pathetic, right?My watch is still broken two weeks later, the cat is almost out of food... I could go on and on. I've had working lunches for the past few days which has infringed on the time I usually take to get these things done. Worse, we had our landscaping done earlier this week, in two installments, and not only did I not get to zip home at lunch to watch the progress - I didn't even get home either night until well past dark to get a chance to admire it. (Not that there is a lot to admire; the trees are mostly leafless... landscaping in October is NOT for those who want immediate gratification!) Good thing Chad was around because we had to ask them to relocate two of the trees. But I digress.Yesterday, after leaving the house early for work, doing lunch with clients to discuss my big project for 2009, fighting fires on my 2008 project which is going live this week, zipping over to Cindy's to pick up the kids only to find Mallory still snoring away (having gone down late for a nap and not feeling well, Cindy didn't want to disturb her), having dinner provided by my fabulous in-laws (did I remember to say thank you? - thank you! - it was time for Liam's skating lesson, and it was just a few days earlier that I'd read the skating club handbook and saw that the skating club was having a Halloween party. You could wear your costume skating, with the stipulation that it had to be safe to skate in. Which makes sense, but most Halloween costumes aren't safe to skate in. And neither is Liam's. So we had some frantic last-minute what-can-he-be? moments going on. Finally we found him a clown shirt and a clown wig that I (mistakenly) thought would fit over his helmet, and then because the wig was a no-go, there was an even-more-last-minute trip to the store for some face paint, and some rather rudimentary application of said paint. Which was OK by Liam; he thought he looked like a million bucks.Wouldn't you know it... we get to the skating lesson, and out of 10 kids in the class, there is only ONE other kid dressed up. And he's the son of a friend of mine who I convinced to dress him up in the first place. The two of us should just have made a pact to forget it altogether and we would have been further ahead.

At least Liam got a kick out of it... and really, he did. He looks rather sad and grumpy in most of the photos I took last night, but I think that's because I drew such a terrible clown mouth on him. Really he was quite pleased with himself.After the skating lesson, Chad took the kids home and I headed out to a retirement party for a colleague. Go, go, go. Luckily, there is nothing on the agenda for tonight except for a quiet dinner at home and some pumpkin carving. (Oh, crap - I just remembered the groceries for tonight that I forgot to pick up at lunch. Arrrgh!!)


Mandy said...

I'm glad he had fun with it, even though it would have been easier on the grownups involved to skip it altogether.

I'm feeling like that about our halloween pumpkins....except ours are nonexistent. I thought we'd carve them Monday but between the work on the current house before selling (closed yesterday) and trying to get everything together for the closing on the new house (happening tomorrow afternoon) and being just isn't going to happen.

The things I keep thinking "I'll make this up to Emily" keep stacking up. :(

I hope things ease up a bit for you

Carrie said...

Good grief... now I feel bad for whining (remembering how much work it was to move!) Good luck with the house - I hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you! Don't worry, there will be more Halloweens... and if it makes you feel any better, we don't have any jack o lanterns yet, either.