Sunday, October 05, 2008

A sneak peek for Annabanana

A few weeks ago, I was cold called by a stranger and asked to book a photo session. I've been out of the outside-of-my-own-personal-snaps realm of photography for some time, but it's gotten me excited about photography in general again. (It doesn't hurt that I'm using the proceeds to help fund a lens purchase that's been a long time coming - woot! It's an expensive hobby to fund, so it's nice that it can sometimes help pay its own way.) I'd promised my dear friend Anne some family shots back in July, and we just hadn't gotten around to it, but when I was at the apple orchard with the kids last week, my renewed enthusiasm gave me all kinds of ideas. So I called Anne up and and met up with her family out there this morning - indulge us while I preview a few for her here.That last one, the air guitar on the apple signs? - totally their own doing. I loved that they took my goofy direction and ran with it. Made my job very, very easy.

I have a ton more to edit Anne... as you can see, we aren't even in amongst the apples yet. :) There are some winners here for sure.


The Robiltons said...

Those are great!