Friday, October 17, 2008

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

As much as I enjoyed travelling and taking photos of funny X-rated signs... I was happy to come home and take a few pics of my two little most favouritest subjects again. I was amazed by how long Liam's hair suddenly seems. And how Mallory's little cheeks are skinnying down. (Not that you would know it from this shot.)I brought the kiddos a little treat back from my trip... chocolate alligator pops. Nothing says Louisiana like some 'gator. I stuffed myself with Gulf coast seafood while I was gone, but could never quite bring myself to order the Alligator Sausage I saw on several menus.This is the reason why I'm glad we built where we did... I have been waiting all summer for the trees out back to start to turn, and they do not disappoint - they are gorgeous, especially when the sun is low late in the day and the gold is intensified. Wowza. A nice change after all the palm trees I saw earlier in the week.
And then, a few bathtime portraits to end the day. Lately I've been feeling like my camera is a third arm - it's been getting quite a workout. I checked my purse in my luggage and kept my camera bag to carry on the plane; that should tell you where my loyalties lie. (I kept my wallet on me, for goodness sake, I'm not that dumb...)