Thursday, October 23, 2008

Come on in

We're still finishing up a few - OK, a lot of - loose ends around the house, and I am also still waiting on my new wide-angle lens which seems to be stuck somewhere in the bowels of customs and/or Canada Post. I had planned to wait for both those things to happen before taking some around-the-house pics to share, but what can I say - we had a reasonably neat and tidy place on the weekend, so I went to it. I couldn't fit a lot of any one room into a single shot, but that's the price you pay for the timeliness of the tour.The other issue is that I did this at night, and our fluorescent bulbs are throwing some funky colour casts in the photos. I'll have to repeat this experiment during daylight hours so you can see that our taste in paint colours is really not all that wretched. To give you the lay of the land - you can see the fridge in the prior photo, and then again in this one. This is looking from the back of the house (in the kitchen) to the dining room in the front. There's a pantry on the left of the hall, and a butler's pantry type area on the right. Still need to find something big to hang above the buffet, and figure out too how to hang all those frames in the dining room - they will not be on the floor like that forever. I hope.A closer-up of the dining room. I'm also planning to ditch those orchids on the side table, and move the side table to a different room completely. I love orchids for the 2-3 months of the year that they flower, but they are pretty heinous looking the rest of the time.Turning around in the same spot and looking back into the kitchen, into the depths of our spooky backyard - hey, I've seen a snake there with my own two eyes. No way am I walking around out there with bare feet when it's dark. This shot was basically taken when standing at the end of the island, but facing the family room rather than the kitchen. Still need to finesse the bookshelves a bit, do something above the fireplace, and maybe find a console table for the back of the sofa. The missing cabinet door has been reinstalled.
Standing in the breakfast nook now, looking across the family room and into the mudroom - you know, the Room With The Ugly Floor. (According to the flooring guy.)
The laundry room... complete with newly-hung door, which is lovely - do you know how noisy it is to dry a load of kids' clothes, with all the snaps and zippers they entail? The laundry room is right next door to our bedroom. Finally, we can sleep in peace.


Dawn said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but I have to be a PITA and request a personal email so i can supersize them, blogger sucks, and as we know, I can't see the nitty gritty details without jumbo sizing them!
...when you can, no rush, I waited 2 months, I can wait a wee bit longer.......LOL! ;o)

Dana said...

Good pictures but does not do it justice. Ten times better in person.

Mandy said...

These are a great taste of what's to come, I'm sure. Dying to know the real color of your island. ;)

Ainsley said...

I am green with envy. What a beautiful house you have! I think the "Ugly Floor" is really cute! And bravo on your roman shades - they all look terrific; wanna make me some? :oP I'm so glad you are all settling in well, regardless of your snake encounters.