Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictoral weekend recap

Busy again... what can I say? Our weekend consisted of a typical Friday night: doing puzzles, playing with Mr. Potato Head and Mallory's newest obsession, Lego (Duplo)... Chad made Liam a jack-o-lantern waffle for breakfast on Saturday morning (my sleep-in morning) and Liam insisted that I come downstairs to see it before he dug in.That was OK since I'd signed him up for a Halloween party at the library that we had to get out the door for anyway. The library do was merely OK; I don't know that I would kill myself to reserve him a spot again next year. (Ages 3+, so Mal had to stay at home.)Later that afternoon though, we took both kids to the Halloween Festival at Kinsmen Auditorium. The place was packed and 'sold out' signs went up on the doors about 1/2 hour after we arrived, so it's good that we got there when we did. Here are the kids painting and decorating pumpkins. Whoever was there before us left glue all over the table, so we were a sticky mess by the time we finished.The 'hay rides' didn't have any hay involved after all, but it was still a fun horse-drawn wagon ride that the kids got a big kick out of.Liam makes a new BFF.How we are going to spend many an hour this winter: watching Liam zip around in the unfinished basement on his bicycle. He is an old pro at riding his bike now and the novelty of riding it indoors has not worn off yet.

Back to work...