Friday, October 10, 2008

Holiday decor

The kids came home from Cindy's yesterday toting these pumpkins-turned-turkeys. (I know you Americans are all scratching your heads right now, but yes, it's our holiday weekend up here.) That Cindy is so efficient... using one Thanksgiving hallmark to create another!So, here's our front door - officially flanked by a pair of pumpkin turkeys. I'm sure our neighbours are just thrilled to have us here now. :) At least we have a beautiful wreath on our door (thanks Deanna!) to up the sophistication quotient a little. I bought a pair of urns a few weeks ago (our old ones were too big for our smaller front porch - they got sold on Kijiji), but I don't think I'm going to put them out until I get my winter-type shizz together.Have I shown you a full exterior shot since the house was finished? Well, here it is. We just had a landscape design completed this week and we're in the process of deciding what to keep, what to toss (buh-bye, yucca, I don't want any part of you in my front yard!) and when to get it installed - I hate to shell out any more money right now, but that mud pit by the front door? - it'll be nice to not have to look at that all winter long.


Mandy said...

The outside of the house looks great, and that's including the pumpkins. That takes it from house to home in my opinion.

I can't wait to see final photos of all the rooms!

Dawn said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!11

Dalia said...

What a beautiful house!! It's looking gorgeous from outside, too want to see it's interiors.