Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girls' day out

I took last Friday off work. Cindy was en route to Jamaica and we don't trust Mal enough to leave her home alone. Liam had a school day, so after we dropped him off... it was just us girls.
We went to the library, and picked out some new books and movies. Then we went looking for some birthday party supplies. Ariel, of course. (As much as I am trying to make it 'generic mermaid' instead of 'Ariel specific'... there just is not much else out there.) Then we stopped at the grocery store for a couple of things, and we treated ourselves to lunch before heading home. McDonald's, of course, where Mallory surprised and delighted me by ordering the apple slices instead of the french fries. After that, we headed home, settled in with our new books and movies, and spent a lazy afternoon together before we swung by the school again to pick Liam up.

I don't often get to spend some alone time with my girl, which is a shame. There is really almost no better way to spend a day.


SC said...

Awwh! This post makes me want to have a daughter (if we get back on the baby train)... I am sure your daughter will grow up to cherish your 'girls days'.