Thursday, March 11, 2010

I enjoy having a girl

Tonight I went to pick Mallory up from Cindy's house, and as I pulled away with her in the back seat, she leaned forward and pointed to my hand on the steering wheel and said, "I really like your bracelet, mom." It's an old bracelet that I still love and don't wear as often as I should. But now that I have a little fashionista-in-training who appreciates the effort... it might just make it into heavier rotation.


jenn said...

great picture of do you get her eyes all sparkly (aside from having great material to start with, is there a trick??)

Carrie said...

The sparkle in her eyes is actually the reflection of the breakfast nook windows behind me. If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can even make me out, sitting at the kitchen table. No trick to it other than that!

Dawn said...

I laugh at this because yesterday morning after a night of Gavin puking, Noah looked at me as I was taking him to the bus stop and said, 'You are going to take me to the bus like THAT, you look like hell.' NICE......they don't always just notice the baubles in New Jersey!