Monday, March 01, 2010

Owning the podium, Cook family style

How was your weekend? I spent mine washing the underpants of children who did not make it to the bathroom on time and debating the merits of throwing sheets in the wash prior to scraping up big chunks of vomit, versus having to pick the ones too large to go down the drain out of the machine afterwards.

I guess Liam was right when he said he was sick, after all. Poor little kids had a rough weekend. We actually wound up going to a skating party on Friday night (more on that later) because Liam seemed up for it and wanted to go. The vomiting and diarrhea didn't start til later.

By Saturday, none of us felt well. After breakfast I didn't eat another bite til 6 p.m. because I sensed some nausea coming on. In retrospect that may just have been due to the fact that I was cleaning up vomit. It has that effect on me. (Of course, it may also be because for breakfast, we baked up the last of our cinnamon buns, and one bun was probably all the calories I needed for the day!)So on Saturday and in fact for Sunday as well, we laid low. We skipped swimming. We played many, many, many rounds of Uno, which has replaced Candy Land as our new favourite. We watched all manner of bobsleigh and speed skating and, of course, hockey. And we conducted our own medal ceremonies, rewarding our Uno champions with our own versions of gold, silver and bronze (a.k.a. medals swiped from some of Chad's running events). Yes, that is Mallory in her pajamas AND her Cinderella dress, AND sporting an Olympic bronze medal. When you are only two, you can get away with such excess.


northernbliss said...

Is that bronze medal an Around the Bay medal? I have one of those and I treat all my medals as if they were Gold. Maybe it will inspire her to be an Olympic athlete one day - GO MALLORY GO

Carrie said...

You bet, Around the Bay 2006! Owning one of those medals is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!