Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out of town

Yesterday, with the kids on March Break, both Chad and I took the day off work and we headed to the Children's Museum in London. (It was not as crowded as you'd think. I think going on the first day of March Break (and a Monday at that, when the museum is normally closed) was the right thing to do.) Chad and I were emailing back and forth at work one day last week, talking about making the trip, when I got an email from Jenn in my inbox, asking if we wanted to meet up at the museum. Great minds think alike! There was lots for even baby Ethan to do, from playing in the sand to taking his first trip into space.
Chad and I were both a little disappointed with the museum this time around. The exhibits were much the same as last time we were there, but a lot of the play components were missing from each one. The McDonald's counter was missing most of the food, as was the grocery store. (Last time around, there were racks of food to buy, shopping carts to put it in, grocery bags to load the paid food into. This time around... not so much.) There was a sign up saying the plasma cars had been taken away in anticipation of March Break crowds, and that made sense, but did they need to take away all the other stuff, too? Or has it just been slowly getting lost/broken/stolen over the past year?

I don't think the kids noticed the missing bits and pieces as much as we did. They still loved digging in the sand, and Mallory cracked me up in the arctic exhibit by fishing at the ice fishing game and then taking her fish across the room to the polar bear and leaving them for him to eat. She's got quite the imagination on her.And as you can see from yesterday's post... the lack of plasma cars was not a big deal, because after the museum, we headed over to Chapters and rode on the cars there for a bit while we waited for Uncle Darin to finish work so we could go for lunch. Like I said... they have a wonderful kids' section there now (and photogenic to boot - darn me for not bringing my portrait lens! Another time, definitely.) You could spend hours there... we would have, if all the running around didn't leave us starving for lunch!Jenn was right - the Beijing Beef Salad at Jack Astor's was awesome. We finished the day up with some party-store hopping to find supplies for the upcoming Cook Family Birthday Bash. Before we knew it, the day was over. Then it was home for laundry and getting ready for another (mercifully short) work week after a lovely 4-day weekend. Only 3 days of work to plow through this week, but lots to get done at the office during that time.


Jennifer said...

what a fun day...we really should get together more often!