Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our very own little Vancouver

Last night was Liam's final skating lesson of the year. You know it's time to stop skating when it's still light out when the lesson ends; when you have to put on warmer clothes to get on the ice than you wear on the trips to and from the rink; and when you've been going for 26 consecutive weeks and think that you will scream if you have to lace up the skates one more time. To celebrate the end of skating, they had a mini-Olympics. This made the lesson an hour long rather than a half hour, and seemed to consist only of the kids being timed on a stopwatch as they manouvered through the pylons. Maybe there was more to it than that but if so - I missed it. The whole family came out to watch - maybe we were all expecting a little bit more.

At the end of the night Liam got his skating report card, and he had all the skills checked off for Stage 1. I had to take his report card over to the desk to ask about it. Does this mean he passed the first level? I asked. To which they asked right back, did he get a badge? I checked in with Liam. No badge. But he deserved a badge. They sent a lady on a badge hunt, and she confirmed with his instructor that he deserved a badge. Finally they tracked one down.

I was so proud. My little man got his very first skating badge. Badges were the only reason I stuck with Girl Guides as long as I did, so for me, this was a Very Big Deal. On the way home, Chad stopped and let Liam pick out a treat for his efforts. He chose some gumdrops. Why he picked that when a full aisle of Easter candy was in front of him is beyond me - but I digress.

We have not yet discussed what to do next fall, but I imagine the decision will have to be made between sending Liam back for more skating lessons and enrolling him in hockey - where he will still learn how to skate, but without badges and with protective gear. We'll have to see what he feels like doing. Whether he winds up back at CanSkate or not, I am sure I will be back, because Mallory is almost 3 and she is raring to go.