Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lost chitchat

It's no secret that I have been less-than-thrilled with this season of Lost, though I still believe redemption is possible. (Hey, isn't that the recurring theme of the whole darn show these days?) If you are a Lostie and you haven't noticed... I've linked a cool new site I found, "Lost Spoilers at the ODI", in the sidebar. I haven't found anything shocking there, but there are some fun things, like a list of episode titles for the season (only the finale's title is missing), a few set photos and screen shots of some upcoming episodes, etc. In any other show this might be considered spoiler-ish, because for example, if you see Ben in a screen shot for episode 10 then you know that he lives at least that long. But seeing as that this is Lost, and there is a Locke walking around the island who isn't really Locke, I don't think that applies, and I am not too concerned about finding out something I don't want to know. At any rate, their bigger spoilers are hidden behind jumps so you don't accidentally discover anything.

One cool thing I found was this list of both episode titles and a scorecard of how the episodes ranked among people who have had sneak peeks. Unfortunately... there are some high marks around the third-to-last episode, but the finale didn't score well. Maybe that third-to-last episode is the Desmond-centric episode that everyone is waiting for??

Link directly to this scorecard post is below.