Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cancel the call to CPS

I just received an email, after today's update, pointing out that Liam has been wearing the same thing in the last three pictures and would I please change his clothes.

I just wanted to clarify that although I said in both posts the pictures were taken 'yesterday', I was wrong, they were actually taken the SAME day. The one of Megan holding him was the night before - and yes, he was wearing the same outfit then - I had JUST changed him into it after he pooped on the outfit he had been wearing earlier that day. So yes, I am guilty of recycling an outfit from one night into the following morning, but in my own defense it was still clean and I sometimes go through five outfits a day so cut me some slack. We are also at an awkward in-between phase right now where the 0-3 month stuff is mostly too small and the 3-6 month stuff is too summery (short sleeves/short pants) for the current weather.

If anyone else had the phone poised to call Child Protection Services, I hope you'll reconsider and hang up.


Kal said...

Getting my daily dose of Liam's doings really brings back memories of my own two kids.

It seems you've got your act way better together than we had!