Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ducks are good; mules, not so much

So this picture has good and bad news both wrapped up in it. The good news first: this is a picture of Liam ‘finding’ his hands. Newborns actually have no idea that their hands are part of themselves; they don’t even see them flailing about. Well, Liam finally found his hands yesterday, and was quite taken with them. This is the first step in the process of being able to do stuff. First they have to find their hands, then they have to realize that they have control over them (and this is where rattles come in handy – if you can get them to realize “I do this, I hear that” then they catch on that they are in control) and THEN they can start to do stuff with them. Katrina gave us this cute little pair of duck mittens that have rattles in them. At first I thought they were just cute but now (after reading several of Megan’s child development books) I realize how educational they are. Because Liam obviously can’t hold a rattle until he learns to have control over his hands – kind of a chicken-and-egg thing. So hopefully with the duck mittens, he will catch on that much quicker. Thanks Katrina!!

The bad news is that he is just so cross-eyed that we are embarrassed for him!! Again going back to the books – this is supposed to be normal and we still have a couple of months for it to fix itself before we should worry – but in the meantime, good grief! What’s that Cousin Eddie line from “Vacation”… “It’s the darndest thing Clark… she falls down a well, eyes go crossed… gets kicked by a mule, eyes go back.” I think we’re both secretly hoping not to have to find ourselves a mule!!

Last night’s Big Switch into Liam’s crib was definitely harder on me than it was on him. We watched the “Lost” season finale ( I think this is the best TV show I have EVER watched!) together in our bed, and he was out cold for most of it, so he didn’t even stir when we rather unceremoniously dumped him in his own bed. Oh, the heartlessness. He was up twice last night as per usual, but slept longer between wakings, unless that’s just wishful thinking or some sort of justification on my part. Chad and I slept better than we have in weeks. So it’s a change for the better, and I think I can say Liam’s bassinette days are officially over.

This afternoon we are off to the DMV to renew my licence. That’s a painful process for an adult, let alone a baby. Wish us luck!…