Thursday, May 12, 2005


I'm cutting Liam some slack by not naming this post "Pork chop, part 4"

Today's stats:

10 lbs 12 oz
23 inches (birth length = 20.5 inches)

The nurse gave me the 'bad mommy' award by scolding me for having him in his puppy sleeper - once she took it off him, she got another half inch of length - her exact words - "He shouldn't wear this anymore, we do want him to grow."

Kind of snotty, no? I mean, he spends all day curled up in a ball still, I don't think it's hurting anything. Whatever.

Dr. Bailey redeemed the nurse though - she said, "You do realize we don't expect him to double his birth weight until six months, right?" But in a nice way, not condescending. I asked whether it's possible to overfeed at this point and she said no - he's solid, not fat - and then she said judging by the size of his feet he's just going to grow into a very tall person. She also said I had better step up what I'm eating in order to keep up with him. That's all I needed to hear - Dairy Queen, here I come. :)