Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My birthday (part of it) in pictures

So here’s a partial photo diary of my day yesterday.

My new showering trick:

Although he didn’t much like the swing a couple of weeks ago, now he loves it. Go figure.

Got several phone calls and a drop-in from Megan, who brought this awesome box of chocolates made by someone with a home business:

She included the business card (it’s called Sticky Business) and I’ll be sure to shop there again!

Liam and I went for a walk then:

Nowhere in particular, just to get out for an hour. And when we came home our faithful pet was waiting.

Chad came home for lunch then. And although he’d given me my birthday present on Friday, so I could use it for the wedding (a ceramic curling iron and a new purse I had my eye on), he had more! Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child it was! (We had gotten together with Derek & Amanda & Hunter & Ella on Saturday night, and Derek recommended it, too – I guess that was all the convincing Chad needed – Derek is a doctor, after all!) He also gave me the new Jenny McCarthy book, Baby Laughs. I had read her first book, Belly Laughs, when I was pregnant.

After that the day really livened up. A car hit the hydro pole right outside our house. There was a crash, and then snapping and sparking wires as a few of them fell. The car skidded onto the lawn across the street and hit a brick pillar. We lost our phone and power and the street was full of police, fire and hydro workers for the next couple of hours. The blue car is the culprit here. This isn’t the full extent of it – fire had already left when this was taken…

Liam was asleep at this point. What’s a girl to do when trapped in her house like that? Why, eat chocolates while reading one of her new books, of course! Nothing exciting for the rest of the day. Chad brought home takeout for dinner. Liam fell asleep ridiculously early and slept for almost five hours straight. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the overnight shift, but it’s progress.


Megan said...

Liam's hair really looks red in the picture taken outside for his walk!