Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Introducing Megan part 2

Little gaffer may *finally* be asleep. He's been wide awake for most of the day. I took him for a long walk, much of which he was awake for, then came home and tried entertaining him - carried him in the Snugli for quite a while, then did the tummy time on a blanket on the floor thing (he's not crazy about that), played with the gym thing with him, held him in various sitting and standing positions letting him kick and support his own weight and so on... rocked and read to him... ran out of ideas and so tried to get him to sleep. (Am I terrible or what?) Only, he's not sleepy. He's stirring right now. Crap.

Yesterday we had a good social outing with him - went to Cory and Megan's for a BBQ. Of course the little stinker slept through most of the night, except (of course, of course,) for when we were eating. At that point Megan was kind enough to hold and calm him while I ate a gigantic steak (well done Cory!) Not entirely sure how the wedding(s) will go. Stay tuned...