Friday, May 20, 2005

In a rut

What, no photo to accompany this post? I'm in a slump. Having a hard time coming up with something fresh and new. Only five weeks into this adventure and I've photographed Liam to death!! Let's face it, there are only so many pictures of his sweet little sleeping face that I can take, right? Only so many set-up shots. I'm itching for something candid to shoot (such as the bath). But really, how much candid activity does a five-week-old get into a day? And what little there has been so far, I've missed.

Today's a gorgeous day out there. I took Liam down to the baby weigh-in clinic - we walked. A long trip but well worth it (and because I let him fuss while I showered this morning, he was in a great mood.) Today we check in at 11 pounds 9 ounces. Nothing to worry about. Came home, and he continued to be in a great mood. Sat in his car seat for a while, smiling at and chattering to the toy hanging overhead. WAY too cute. I should have shot that - he's just begun the smiling and verbalizing. Fed him, changed him, played with him, and now he's sleeping on my shoulder. I have a couple hours to play with until a friend drops by... what to do... can't think of any errands that need doing (besides buying a baby card for Pierrette -- woo hoo!) ...called Anne for a visit but she's not home. We went to Gina's yesterday and had a great time. Liam was well behaved, but he slept half the time and Lauren slept the whole time, so there wasn't exactly a whole lot of baby interaction going on! I could finish a few pages in his scrapbook I guess. Not so much in the mood today though - more itching to photograph something... maybe Captain will model? He was, after all, the main subject in the house before Liam arrived. Or maybe I should just take advantage and nap along with him. We have a busy weekend in store.