Wednesday, May 04, 2005


We're getting a tiny fraction more sleep these days. Last night, again, Liam was only up twice... anyway, he was still plenty sleepy when I took this pic.

The other day when Liam and I came home from the baby weigh-in, there was a gift bag on the front porch. I brought it inside and opened it - inside was a little outfit and a card addressed to "The New Baby" - signed from Allen, Lynda and Adrian at such-and-such an address -- it took a bit of sleuthing to even figure out which house that was. Turns out it's the one directly opposite us. {Insert look of embarrassment here.} So tonight we took Liam over to say thanks in person and finally meet these people. They've been here for five years and have a one-year-old son, and do you think we knew any of that? Noooo. Our neighbourhood is pretty antisocial. Having said that, they seem to have tabs on us - they knew about the baby, when he was born, asked how the cat is doing etc. - from now on I will make extra sure to close the blinds when I'm doing something I wouldn't want to be made public. :)