Tuesday, May 17, 2005


...is the best word I can think of to describe this expression. Over and over I have heard the stories about the stunts Chad pulled as a kid. His aunt Deb continually says that she hopes Liam pulls half the crap that Chad did so he can see what it was like. Maybe we are in for an early start?? My poor little man, he's still battling the infant acne. I have half a mind to douse him with Clearasil. Not very photogenic these days!

The outfit in this photo is a gift from Anne - it's a sleeper - yup, it's too small now, too. This is the last he'll be wearing it. After all... I don't want to stunt his growth!!!!

This morning I had a dentist appointment and took Liam along. I was pretty nervous about it. We've been getting him out lots, but always in controlled situations where we can leave at a moment's notice. Like yesterday, I was shopping at Winner's, thinking of picking something up for Darin & Jenn's wedding, and he was quite content for the first 20 minutes and then kicked up a fuss. So we left, went home, had lunch, and came back a couple of hours later. No sweat. When you're strapped into the dentist's chair though, it's harder to get out. Luckily Liam was well behaved. Unfortunately I have to go back for some follow-up work - next time I will see whether Grandma feels like babysitting. (Which would have been my first inclination today, too, except that I just got the call yesterday reminding me of the appointment today, the booking for which I made a year ago. And Dana was working.) This afternoon we went out for a walk for a couple of hours. Went downtown, hit a few stores. Found a store in Chatham that sells Chip & Pepper jeans. Who'da thought?? (No, I'm not planning on buying $200 jeans while I'm unemployed!)