Monday, May 09, 2005

Crashing down

Arrrgh. So the "life with a newborn is hell" thing finally caught up to us.

Having a rough day. Had a long and wakeful night - Liam was up much more than usual. And then, this morning, he wouldn't sleep at all. Cried a lot, even if I was holding him. Plain old wouldn't settle down. Wouldn't let me get anything done, have something to eat, change out of my PJs even. Oh, the stress. When Chad came home at lunch I was ready to pass him off and jump in the shower - then we had unexpected company drop in. (That's how you want them to see you - still in your pajamas, spit-up all over you, the baby sobbing hysterically.) So the shower never happened. Finally, around 2:30, I was ready to snap. I put Liam in his crib - still screaming - and had a shower. I could still hear him through the water and cried the entire time. Didn't wash my hair or shave my legs - basically it was the fastest hosing-off in the west. Jumped back out, threw some clothes on, and ran to pick him up. Poor little guy - still screaming.

And then, within literally about ten seconds, he was out cold.

So. Am I the worst mom in the world? Or did I just stumble across the easiest way in the world to get him to sleep?

Took this picture once he was settled. Love the ID bracelet from Megan. Almost woke Liam up trying to fit it onto his chubby wrist for the picture. Good thing I got the shot since this will be going into the memorabilia box before long, never to fit again.