Saturday, July 09, 2005

The best of everything

So a week or two ago we caught Liam watching television. There's usually a TV on somewhere in our house, even if it's just tuned to CNN or MuchMoreMusic for some background noise, but I didn't think Liam would actually pay attention to it. Wrong. Chad was happy to find him watching Wimbledon but I have also seen him watching worse things (most recently, "Be Cool" - he's a little young for John Travolta movies, no??) So when I saw that he had that much visual depth perception I decided to turn on the crib attachment we have, which hasn't been used up til now. It's the kind that has music and lights and moving parts on the front, and projects a movie onto the ceiling when it's dark.

Of course, Liam loved it. (The TV addiction grows.)

But when we turn it on it seems to rev him up rather than settle him down. Using it for naptimes etc. really isn't working out. And when he wakes up from his nap and spends some quiet time in his crib before he cries for me to come get him, he can't very well turn it on himself.

So the same day that we did this initial test run with the crib attachment, and saw how much he liked it, and I ran out and bought him a mobile. We didn't think we needed both an attachment and a mobile, initially, but now I can see them serving two different purposes. Suddenly, money is no object, clutter doesn't bother me, the gaudy primary colours couldn't be better... I want Liam to have it all. Everything he wants or that would give him a bit of joy or education or fun.

Sheesh, this could get expensive. And if we keep it up for too long he could turn into a brat. But for now he's just a little baby... and it's a lot of fun.