Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just one more thing...

... on my computer, some of my most recent photos look like the resolution isn't high enough to make them sharp. And it's happening almost exclusively with colour photos, not B&W. Not sure why this is happening, as I'm not doing anything differently these days in terms of uploading or hosting. Please help me out and tell me - do the photos show up clearly for you, or is there some grain to them? I don't know if it's just me or if we're all having trouble viewing them.


Jenn Cook said...

Hey Carrie! It is official - I am addicted! I knew there was cause for alarm when I had guests over on Saturday night waiting to go out and I was trying to come up with excuses to prolong my stay at home or bail out all together just so I could get my fill. You had just sent us the link and I was my first time viewing the site afterall - tons to catch up on you know! This is just great and being able to look here every day will definatly help us feel connected when we are on the otherside of the world! In answer
to your question - the pics look great - no wierd stuff happening at all. thanks!!! see you soon.