Monday, July 25, 2005

Voyeurs, the whole lot of you!

So the other day, I had a reader request to add a ticker to my site.

Which made me stop and think.

Sure, I have, from time to time, wondered how much traffic this site has. It's not in the public WWW domain and doesn't come up on search engines. The only traffic I would expect are the people to whom I've given the URL and those are pretty few - it started out as only my immediate family and has grown to some of Chad's family and a few friends as well. You can also scroll through all the blogs on Blogger one by one, so some readers may come across it that way, but I wouldn't think too many would take the time to stop. And it's not my intent to entertain the masses. Yes, I admire Dooce and her ability to attract 55,000 readers per day, but I am not about to criticize my coworkers and company and get myself fired along the way... :)

Mostly I find it interesting that not only do you nutjobs reading this want to keep track of what we do on a daily basis, but now you want to keep tabs on each other as well. Who's been here today? How long did they spend reading? Did they access the archives or just hit the last week's worth of posts? Yes indeed, these are all statistics I can now track thanks to the addition of my ticker. I feel like an insider at the CIA or something. I don't know who you are but I know how long you have spent reading and what the last web page you looked at was. (This is a family site - please make it something clean.)

In other news...

  • Yes, being topless is Chad's natural state around the house. At least in the summer. What, you think I ask him to strip down and pose every time I get the camera out?
  • Liam is being a bear today. Didn't go to bed til 9 p.m. again last night despite attempts hours earlier than that. It's the influence of that damn bar, I tell you. He wants to go back to the Barking Frog...
  • Liam got mail today - a postcard from Grandpa Cook, complete with a log of wildlife sightings up at Algonquin. He comes home next week. I laugh every time I picture him writing that postcard.
  • Chad is taking off for Calgary for a few days during the second week of August (a course and some customer contacts for his new job). I'm going to try to fit some socializing in while he's away. Don't be surprised if I call you up asking for a visit.