Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why I will never take my baby to a bar again

…because I am convinced that I am still paying for it now, four days later.

It’s one of those days. Which is following one of those nights. Liam went to bed late and angry. Was up again at 11. And 3. And 4. And 4:30. And 5. At which point I thought to heck with disturbing Chad, Liam is coming to sleep with us to put an end to this. So I brought Liam into our bed and then woke up a short time later when I smelled something funny. Yes indeed, diaper blowout. It seems that we have perfected keeping the bed dry, but are somehow not doing a good job at keeping it, ahem, clean. Our sheets are in the wash even as I write this. He was up and pleasant enough for a short time this morning, but then when I tried to put him down for his first nap, he fought it all over again. This time he even managed to give me two shoulder hickeys in the process, one quite large and embarrassing. I guess sucking his own thumb wasn’t enough for him – he wanted an entire adult collarbone in his mouth…

It’s too bad this all happened today, because I was quite excited at the prospect of watching the space shuttle launch on TV this morning, and wanted Liam to watch it with me. Maybe he’s a little young, but it’s fun to have someone to do these things with even if he is completely clueless, and in a couple of years I think he will quite enjoy all manner of rocket ships. Well, he went down for a nap so late that he was promising to sleep right through the 10:39 a.m. launch time. And as much as I was disappointed at the prospect of him missing it - I was even more disappointed when he woke up early from his nap and actually got to see it. Because I knew he was still not well rested enough to be a pleasant little dude, and that there are still some battles in store for me later today.

We’re going to skip our playgroup this afternoon. Playgroup coincides with naptime, and I have had it up to here with this guy being overtired – he is getting back on schedule, pronto. Was it just last week that he was only up once at night for a quick feeding? Seems like another lifetime ago.


megan said...

I love that picture of Liam! Sitting there with a little grump on watching the space shuttle launch with his mom, wishing that she would just put on some cartoons already and quit with the educational stuff.