Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A miscellaney

Why Chad is a great role model for Liam - I'm so happy to be able to share that Chad was offered a great promotion last week. Didn't even have to apply for it - the role was offered to him out of the blue. He is the company's new derivatives specialist. There's only one such role and it's a coveted one among the business types. We're so proud of you Chad!

What makes it extra funny - the night before this was made public at the office, we ran into a colleague who is a manager at the company. And for no reason at all he started talking about the derivatives role and how great it is and how he thinks it's the best job at the company (and this is coming from someone who is in a better position, seniority-wise, than the derivatives role). I made Chad hunt him down after the announcement was made public to see if he knew ahead of time that Chad had been offered it and he swears he didn't.

The death of Pork Chop - at the baby weigh in clinic yesterday, I was pretty shocked to find that Liam only weighed 14 lbs 12 oz. So he's really levelled off (having gone from gaining a pound a week as a newborn, to a pound a month right now.) At least we won't need to buy him a whole new summer wardrobe (which at one time was a serious concern...)

What's on tap for today - we had an early morning visit from Darin and Jen on their way up to Algonquin Park. This afternoon I am taking Liam out to our first playgroup. It's aimed at babies up to 12 months old. Not sure how much he'll get out of it/like it - but it's worth a shot and *I* for one am looking forward to it!

Making waves - Liam's favourite new activity is making tidal waves in the bathtub with his left foot/leg. Always the left, never the right. It's hilarious that he has figured out that he can move his feet but I just hope he figures out that he can use the other one sometime soon, too. I don't want him walking around in circles his entire life.


megan said...

Since I know that Chad does not read your site, tell him congratulations from the entire MacKay-Barr clan. I don't want to appear too dumb, but, am I the only person who dosn't know what a miscellaney is?

Carrie said...

A miscellaney = a miscellanous assortment o' tidbits. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Thanks for the congrats. I have caught Chad peeking a couple of times recently so maybe he will see your message for himself!!!

Kelly said...

I would like to congratulate Chad as well...not everything can be about Liam's achievements.
Regarding the play group...I am glad you found one. Sydney & I have been going to one hosted by a public health nurse (Parent Link) since she was a month old. It is great to meet other first time moms to swap stories with & now a bunch of us have different play dates. Right now it is a social outing for you...but soon enough you will be able to see how much Liam likes to watch the other babies.

Anonymous said...

boy that megan sure is a dope!

Anonymous said...

only kidding, of course...:)