Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Almost there

I have written before about the trick I sometimes use to get stuff done while upstairs, like drying my hair; I sometimes stick Liam in his crib, sitting up, with toys, and he will happily amuse himself for at least ten minutes or so, long enough to get a few tasks done. Well, yesterday I tried this trick, then returned to find him like so. He may not be crawling yet, but he is starting to pull up in his crib. While this is a developmental milestone that deserves a big cheer, it's also going to make my life a lot more difficult, and I will soon need to bring the exersaucer up from the basement and barricade him in the bathroom with me in order to accomplish such things as showering. Plus, the crib mattress needs to be lowered.

Chad is now off work for two weeks, and available to trade off with me, so this doesn't need to be done immediately. He is looking forward to seeing what our weekday routine is like these days. I am trying to convince him that he will not be the only daddy at the parent-tot swim on Thursday. Note that it is parent-tot, not mommy-tot. And even if he is the only daddy there, he is still at least allowed to be there. I wish I could talk him into coming to playgroup next week, as some daddys have been known to do; it is such a kick, just a massive free for all of babies and toys and so much fun. Alas, playgroup is on hiatus over the holidays.

In terms of who wants what pictures taken when (since I noticed a side discussion a-brewin'), I am available to anyone and everyone right now. I honestly might look into this as a side project in the future; maybe 2006 is the year to launch an entrepreneurial venture. Any portfolio-building I do now can only do me good. So far my client roster has only included the MacBarrs, but I am scheduled to do family photos for another friend in a few weeks... maybe this is the start of something.


Kelly said...

Congratulations Liam! You are on your way to keeping your mommy & daddy all the much more busy. Regarding establishing your Photography enterprise, the Taylor's would love to be part of your start up with a family picture when you are ever heading this way!

megan said...

Just remember who discovered you!

jenn said...

Megan, I think Carrie started on her own child - not yours!!

Carrie - sorry I did't mean to start a battle over your talents for saying I'd like you to take a family picture for us in 2 or 3 years! I forgot how competitive Megan is! ;)

Carrie said...

No problem at all Jenn - it is nice to be in demand. :)

(And, I'm cracking up over the competitive comment. Zing!...)

Carrie said...

Kelly - I'm not in your area often, but next time, I promise to give you a call.

megan said...

Whatever! Carrie totally had that camera before Liam was born and took one of my favorite photos of Audrey at the mid summers night run. Infact I think that was the weekend of his conception so not even a speck at the time!