Sunday, December 18, 2005

How the Grinch stole Christmas

Yesterday we had our family Christmas with the Cooks, and as you can probably tell by the title of this post, Liam was not on his best behaviour. We were off to a bad start when he was a little grouchpot at home yesterday morning. We left for Sarnia at 1:30, trying to time our drive to coordinate with his nap. However, Bruce and Dana drove with us, and Liam forced himself to stay awake for half of the trip in order to keep an eye on the suspicious characters in the backseat. So by the time we got to Bob and Brenda's, he was already overtired.

Layer onto that a house full of 20-odd people and a lot of noise, and it was enough to put him over the edge. I thought he would play shy at the beginning but then warm up to everyone. Not so much!...

Santa paid Liam an early visit at Bob and Brenda's, and brought him a set of Mega Blocks. This made my greedy little engineer's heart go pitter-patter, envisioning us whiling away the time by building lots of super cool structures, Liam already starting down an illustrious career path. Some other highlights of the day (besides seeing our family, of course) included Fluffster, The Cat Who Will Let You Do Anything To Him Including Dressing Him Up As Santa, and also the singing, dancing, Christmas version of Homer Simpson, who Liam thought was a hoot.After the requisite amount of screaming that normally accompanies getting Liam into his coat, he was quiet and slept most of the way home. He was up his normal amount last night. In the middle of the night I thought I felt another tooth coming through, this time one of the bottom middle ones like it's supposed to be, and I briefly thought I could forgive the little dude for giving us all so much grief yesterday. This morning the tooth is nowhere to be seen though, so I think I was probably just hallucinating it on account of how damn tired I am these days.

This afternoon we have a get together with Chad's other side of the family, the Robertses. My apologies go out to these people in advance. It's bad enough when Liam is a monster one day, but two days running... I fear they will suffer his wrath today, and it might be enough to shake the very foundation of the Kent Club and crumble its brick exterior.