Saturday, December 10, 2005

We knew it would go like this

A Great Canadian Superstore recently opened in our little city, and it's amazing to think that a place you go to for groceries can have so much else going on at the same time. There's a new Goodlife there (which I haven't even tried yet) in addition to all kinds of cooking classes and craft sessions and a cafe and a toy section that rivals any of our local department stores. And today, they had Santa. Funny, it really hadn't occurred to me to take Liam down to the mall to get his picture snapped with Santa for $8 (how could I have overlooked even THAT?); but a couple of weeks ago, the GCSS started handing out flyers about Santa's visit, and they were doing the photos today for free. Which definitely caught my attention. We went right as they started at 9 a.m., after dressing Liam in his holiday best. We got there early even - I was expecting a big line. Well, I guess I'm the biggest cheapskate in the city, because there was only one kid in line ahead of us; apparently free photos are not the draw I think they are.

Our session went like this. Santa came over and talked to Liam before he even got settled into his chair (since there were only two kids there at this point, he could afford to lavish them with the attention). That went fine. The first kid had his photo done, and then it was our turn. Liam got settled onto Santa's lap, and that was fine, too. But Santa had a big strap of bells, and he gave that a jingle, thinking Liam would love it. Instead, it produced the worst waterworks of all time - instant tears, runny nose, the works. He calmed down after a few seconds and then, I guess because Santa is an idiot, or maybe because you get what you pay for, he got the bells out again and gave them another jingle. And that started more tears, and this time they wouldn't stop. My poor boy - not a successful trip. They took three photos of him and I went back this afternoon to pick up our prints. They gave us a free 5x7 of each pose: one of him not crying, but looking off into space, and then two of him crying, with this one being my favourite. The crying-on-Santa's-lap photo is almost a rite of passage - a smile would have been nice, but this is so Liam. I think it's a hoot.


jenn said...

I love it when there is a picture like that as soon as we open the blog! Too funny!!

BTW, if you notice when checking your sitemeter that Korea has been spending a little too much time on here don't think we are crazy - we are REALLY enjoying your Christmas music!!

dad said...

That picture is a keeper....