Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Keeping busy

Lots of cool new stuff to tinker with. Chad and I escaped the clicking, clacking, whistling, singing, beeping fray this afternoon to play broomball with some friends for a couple of hours. In broomball, you run around on the ice wearing normal running shoes. We are both walking a bit like penguins now. (Having just watched March of the Penguins yesterday, I feel this is the best possible simile.)


jenn said...

How much fun does this room look!! Can't wait to get down on the floor and play in there, too!

Looks like we missed broomball, again! Promise we will make it next year.

Darin said...

I am sad also that we missed broomball by just a couple of days, but I won't miss the after-effects.

I looks as if there is more than one tent in this room. Was this a popular gift this year??

Carrie said...

The tents you mention, in true Canadian fashion, are actually (get this) an igloo and a teepee (tipi?), and there's a long tunnel that connects them. We don't have room to run the tunnel through this room, and we're also having a hard time getting Captain out of it right now, so for now the pieces are still separate! All pieces are courtesy of Bruce and Dana. :)

As for broomball, you may have your spots on the roster back next year. I took a hard fall on my left arm and am feeling a bit gimpy at the moment.

megan said...

After I worked so hard to get you in???? You will remain in the fray my friend!!!!