Thursday, December 29, 2005


He may not be crawling yet, but Liam certainly gets around. I guess this stage is what they refer to as creeping, and is the precursor to crawling, which then leads to cruising... who comes up with this stuff? Anyway, these shots were taken over the course of about ten minutes of Naked Playtime to illustrate that he is indeed mobile. If they ever make a sequel to Multiplicity we might need to march him down to Hollywood for an audition.

(Stay tuned for an update on the digital scrapbooking thing in the future!...)


megan said...

that is so cool!

jenn said...

That is so funny. When you put on the new banner with 5 Liam's (which I love) and with the name TooManyCooks (emphasis on he TooMany) I said to Darin that if someone stumbled on this site by accident they might think you had quintuplets (Liam looks just different enough in all those pictures to pull that theory off) Now this picture (which is totally cool) will definately make people wonder!

I need to take digital photography lessons from you (or I can pay the college as planned if you are too busy. It would just be more fun to learn from you...)

Mandy said...

That picture is AWESOME!!

Please tell us how you did it!!