Monday, December 26, 2005

If you're on dialup, you'd might as well quit now while you're ahead

I probably don't need to say it, but: I am *so* relieved to have recovered the Christmas photos! I've never lost any before, and it figures that my first scare would come with something as significant as baby's first Christmas, rather than some random rainy November day when I'm just messing around...

Anyway, here's a few - who's kidding who, I mean many - photos to share from our celebrations. First off: Christmas Eve, and the wait for Santa (although the monkey in the background mysteriously seems to indicate that he has already come!) The second one is from Christmas morning itself. Liam was, of course, the first one to wake up: this is him checking out the loot under the tree before we all dive into it.
Then there's the stocking opening: isn't that how everyone starts out? Liam's stocking wound up being not too shabby after all. He got the babyproofing gear and bib mentioned earlier, but also a CD, some pool passes for our swims, tub toys and some Roll Arounds that seemed to be a real hit. He got enough stocking stuff to necessitate use of 2 out of his 3 stockings. Thank you so much to the Hamiltons for this awesome personalized stocking - we will use it for many, many years!

By this stage of the game it was time for Nap #1. Liam had a wonderfully happy and social Christmas Day (maybe if we give him this much loot all the time, he'll be a more social little guy?) But the extra commotion definitely tired him out more, and he needed a break before diving into The Big Stuff. When the time came, he was totally spoiled by everyone - he certainly has enough toys to last us a while. Here he's opening a new little rugby shirt from Aunty Steph and Uncle Monkey (it seems that the simian thing runs in the family...)

We also had some fun trying to keep a hat on his head, which he wasn't thrilled about. The Santa hat can only be used for a few days each year and will probably be too small next year, so we had to use it while we could. The other cap, a cool little Cousin Eddie lookalike that came all the way from Korea, will work its way into our daily rotation. Thanks, Uncle Darin and Aunt Jenn!

As is usually the case in our house, Liam wasn't the only one spoiled on Christmas - I was, too. Chad knows me inside and out. Without even asking for it, I got lots of stuff I would have picked out for myself in a heartbeat: among it, a scrapbook store gift certificate, a tshirt that says So many pictures, so little time, and an awesome flash for my camera that will provide hours of enjoyment and comes at exactly the right time, when lighting conditions are at their absolute worst (i.e. mid-winter). Chad, I will make it up to you for your birthday! Liam gave me some totally un-hokey children's CDs to listen to with him - we have spent today listening to Manamana being performed by Cake and The Rainbow Connection by Sarah McLachlan. (There is even a children's song by Jack Johnson to keep me happy. I'm glad you like it too Brenda - gives me an idea of what sorts of things to work into the video rotation!) Our family drew names this year, and Uncle Monkey (who drew mine) gave me a gift card to Henry's - which came in super handy today, when I ordered a new camera bag to tote the extra gear. It was 25% off and will come to my doorstep - what could be better than that??

Today, the last of our family left shortly after noon. I would say that it's eerie how quiet it is again after having guests for the past 4 days, but who am I kidding? - we have enough battery-operated stuff, with music and bells and whistles, to drown out any such thoughts. We even have the Jungle Treehouse Roll-Arounds setup which (you were right Kelly) seems to exist solely for the purpose of making noise. Why else would those things spin around and knock the balls into each other like that?

I know this won't be news to anyone out there who already has kids, but Baby's First Christmas is totally all it's cracked up to be. I honestly have not been excited like this for a holiday, even Christmas, since I was about twelve. It completely drives home that it's better to give than receive when you see your little guy having a ball; you'd give to him a thousand times over rather than have anything yourself if you could. All day I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky we are to have Liam, and how much he enriches our lives. I'm already looking forward to next year, when it will mean that much more to him. And now I will get off my soapbox, before I get all nostalgic and weepy - because you know that is not my style. :)

*I need to add here that I've been tagged by
Mandy and totally promise to play along - just as soon as things calm down a bit on the home front. :)


jenn said...

Phew! I was holding my breath you'd find the pics!! Looks like one magical Christmas and I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Only one week to go...

BTW, I think Liam looks darn cute in that hat! :)

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I have just gone through the blog and enjoyed it immensely! Happy New Year and love to you all.The one picture reminds me of Curious George--I'm looking forward to the movie--is Liam too young??( Jack Johnson music, you know)