Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Double whammy

Eight months and zero days. That's how long Liam lasted before getting sick. Not so much as a vaccine reaction until now, and now, well, he is officially sick. I haven't heard breathing noises like this since The Snurgle, and he can blow snot bubbles the size of jawbreakers with his right nostril.

Just to make things a little bit more fun around here, the illness has arrived smack in the middle of the teething. Liam only slept for about three hours last night before waking up and proceeding to scream for the next three hours, and nothing seemed to help - not teething rings, cold compresses,Tylenol, walking, rocking, feeding... He was then up on and off for the remainder of the night, up for the day at 6:30, and barely slept a wink all day today. I managed one 20-minute nap this morning during Liam's longest nap of the day, which lasted about half an hour.

I'm officially a zombie, which has made it a lot of fun today trying to do things such as calling Rogers and explaining to them that the four phone calls to Estonia on our bill this month, which total $50 mind you, are fraudulent and not our calls; I wouldn't even know how to call Estonia, nor would I know what to say when someone picked up on the other end. (The guy at the phone company just talked to me like I'm some Neanderthal who was just magically thawed out in modern-day society, explaining to me that if I have a phone line in my house, then I have to pay for the calls made on it even if I did not make them myself, even giving me an oh-so-helpful example that say your friend comes over and places that call, we don't charge your friend for it, we charge you. I tried explaining to him that these calls were made at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night, at which time I am in bed and there are no friends in my house; I think this is a case of someone accessing our account remotely. And he did not seem to get that - so you tell me who is the Neanderthal??)

Chad has it pretty rough too; I may be up with Liam, but I guarantee you Chad is not sleeping either when The Dude is crying like that, and then he has to go into work for the day - where he still is now, trying to put together a presentation for tomorrow because He Works Too Hard But Really Has No Choice.

That's all for today - I am officially going to bed now, or at least I will be in bed before 8 p.m. tonight, and let it be said here and now that if there are any phone calls made from our house to Estonia after 8 p.m. tonight while I am officially in bed - well, this is my declaration of innocence, and that had better be good enough for the Rogers guy.